Pastels and Pool Days

11:55 AM

Top: AGCSMiami
Pants: AGCSMiami
Bag: Macys
Sandals: Macys
Sunglasses: Thrifted

Is anyone else ready for spring like me? Oh the soft, pastel colors, soft fabrics, sandals, big floppy hats, and of course the blooming flowers.  Luckily for me (and almost all South Florida Fashionistas) winter is only about 2 weeks long, so the style is essentially free-styled (see what I did there?) .  Another aspect of the upcoming season change are glorious thrifting days ! Spring cleaning is an absolute must and comes with a win-win situation for all : Shedding and donating all of the items that we haven't (and don't intend on  ) worn in ages to your local thrift stores, and the excuse to go shopping for new pieces to compensate for the lost baggage.  The thrifters win, the shoppers win, the economy wins, everyone wins ! Is it March 20th yet ?


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