Thriftin' Thursday

4:56 PM

 Oh thriftin' how I love thee.
Yesterday I attended #TheNetworkingSession hosted by Ingrid B. and CherriPR.  It was a vibe-tastic event where I mingled with a plethora of successful individuals in South Florida (Connections are heavy).  Following the event was an open mic night where many undercover musical talents showcased their skills, including my good blogger friend Leondra ( @BadGyalLeeLee) .  All in all, the event was one to attend and I look forward to more great events from these two ladies.

Tomorrow, Thursday  February 13, I will be attending TheBloggersBlock event hosted by Fashion Happy Hour.  It is a branding, content, and networking session with some of South Florida's top brands, bloggers, and clients,, as well as live painting and a social media bar (oooooooh). The event starts at 7pm with no   designated end time.  If you want to go,  RSVP HERE.

Later Alligator

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