Trendy Trousers: Spring 2014 Trend Alert

11:28 AM

SPRING 2014 TREND ALERT: Wide Leg Trouser Pants

Blouse: Marshalls
Pants: Goodwill
Sandals and Handbag: Macys

Wide leg trousers are a definite trend this Spring.  You can find them by BCBGMAZRIA  , small shops in the mall, or if you have the thrifters eye at Thrift Stores .  Happy Shopping !

I receive a lot of questions about how I hear about the fashion evens that I attend. My number one answer is research.  I go online (Google, Instagram) and I search Fashion Events In Miami and from there click every link that pops up (How I found TheBloggersBlock). From there, I decide which of these events could benefit me the most short-term and long-term, I mark it down in my calendar, and I give my day off requests to my job to ensure that I can be there.   Other events I receive from fashion colleagues (AnkaraMiami, BreakingTheLawsOfFashion) that I have met at previous fashion events. Connections are heavy in the fashion industry so its important to stay around all of the tie to keep relevance.  ChristiniCa'lia is not a name that you will forget ;)

Toodles !

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