2014 Womens Impact Conference and Luncheon Coverage !

5:07 PM

2014 Women's Impact Conference & Luncheon at the Shula's Hotel
The reception area where everyone checked into this wonderful event

Titi's Treats. When I say these were AMAZING , these were AMAZING !

Irie Spice ! By Chef Irie Spice

Authors Tamika Newhouse and Khara Campbell portraying their very good books ( I purchased a few myself)

Purse candy, provided by CH Accessories

Neck candy goodies ! Yum !

Gorgeous apparel by Eve's Treasures

Zainabu Cosmetics, natural and perfect.

Shea butter by Zainbu Cosmetics. Sheer perfection!

The Beauty Schools of America provided really nice makeup and hair services.

A council of influential blacks in the city of Miami Gardens discussing issues within the community

Ankara Miami models and host

This year, I was privileged to attend the 2014 Womens Impact Conference and Luncheon at the Shula's Hotel with the lovely Miss Danaya Brown from the Bloggers Block.  This event was filled with many successful black individuals, local and nationwide.  I was honored to meet many ceo's and VERY important individuals in the entertainment industry ( Sheryl Lee, the original "Deena" in "Dreamgirls on Broadway, just to name one). The variety of vendors, ranging from published authors to designers/boutiques, allowed for a bit of retail therapy between seminars.    While being a very humbling experience to be around the aura of black greatness, we were treated to delicious wine selections from Barefoot and an amazing lunch.  If you weren't in attendance, you missed out on an amazing event .  Luckily, this event is held every year, so you can come to the 2015 Women's Impact Conference !

Au revoir !

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