Days at the beach

1:57 PM

Note: Days in the east is like one of my favorite songs ever. Shoutout to you Drake, shoutout to you.

Days like these are days that make life's challenges worth it all.  Relaxation, friends, and a bottle of wine can do well for the mind (Hey, that rhymed!....kind of).  When we face obstacles its best to deal with them with a smile! 2015 is the year of sheep, meaning it will be calm,gentle, and fulfilling.  With a lot of self-fulfilling goals to accomplish within myself, I am ecstatic at the journey to come.

President Obama's State Of The Union address is tonight at 9pm and is available to stream online at  This year one of my new year's resolutions is to be aware of more current news events(other than fashion), so I will be tuning in. If you don't have anything planned, tune in and listen to what our president has to say.  Who knows, maybe he will speak on the racial police brutality events of 2014.

Be blessed !

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