Countdown to Spring Break: Last minute prep tips!

8:26 PM

Spring Break is only one week away and its time to make sure everything is in order to ensure that you have the best time ever ! Whether you are catching some rays at the beach or hitting the nightlife scene, it is best to prepare so that you can have less to focus on ( and more time to have fun!)  Here are a few things that you can do to prepare for Spring Break 2015.


Detoxing is a great way to rid your body of unwanted toxins while preparing your body for the conditions that it may endure during spring break (like alcohol and more alcohol). Detoxing is also a way to help shed a few unwanted pounds before you step into that bodycon dress or two-piece bikini. There are many different ways to detox your body, but choose a method that is healthy. My personal regimen is to begin with three straight days of just fruits and vegetables, followed by day four and five introducing lean meats and fish, and introducing my grains in on the sixth day.  All seven of those days I drink at minimum a gallon of water and two cups of oolong tea (Once with breakfast and once about an hour before bed). Bitchin'Dietitian has a really good day-by-day guide to a successful seven day detox, or you can always google detoxes to find one that you like.

Workout! Workout! Workout!

What is spring break without an amazing body! Working out every day leading up to (during and after) spring break helps keep that body defined and can help shed a few unwanted inches before you hit those pool parties.  Cardio is your best friend and squats is your cousin !  Don't expect miraculous results from now until SB, but create a habit out of it so that you can make sure that body is A-1 just in time for summer!

Write a list of any necessities that you may need

This can include gum, sunscreen, sunglasses, Visine, Aspirin, beach towels, hand sanitizer,moist towelettes,etc.  Writing a list of things that you may need and getting them before spring break begins closes the "margin of error" for you to forget anything.  Having everything you need limits aimless spending and helps you get a grasp on everything that is going on.  Don't forget them though !


This may be the most important thing to do while preparing for sb.  Calculate how much all of the parties are, how much you want to spend on alcohol and food, and leave extra room for any miscellaneous things that you may do.  Having a budget limits how much aimless spending you do and keeps you lined up for success after spring break is over.

Do laundry

Having fresh laundry is one of the best feelings in the world ! Oh, and let's be realistic, no one has time to do laundry during sb.

Pamper yourself

Get your nails and toes done, go on a spa date, and get a facial! Pampering yourself before spring break is relaxing and gets you amped up for the fun that you are about to get into.  Make it fun and invite friends, the more the merrier !

Get responsibilities taken care of beforehand

If you are in school, make sure that all of your homework is done for the following week after school.  Make sure all bills are paid in full, etc. etc. Taking care of your responsibilities beforehand gives you less things to worry about and more time to embrace sb.

Have fun and enjoy spring break !

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