The true meaning of "Communication"

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Random thought...

Having a brain dump ( Session where ideas and concepts are thought of and elaborated on) with a few colleagues of mine sparked the true question that many have  generalized answer for: What is communication. Now for many, the answer to this would go something like "communication is talking to someone" or "communication is telling someone something". Pretty much a generalized answer about just a component of what communication is.  Now being a communication scholar as well as a Bachelors graduate (May 3rd WOOT WOOT !) in Communication Arts and Global Media Communication (Yes I am proud of my degrees lol), I consider a deeper meaning toward what communication is and what it truly means. Like, communication is EVERYTHING in life. Its what you say and don't say, how you move and how you react, how you stand or how you sit, and how you feel at almost any given moment.  Communication gives a clear insight to an individual, scenario, organization, or event by allowing us to understand what is going on and how we can effectively respond to ensure the pursuit of utopia.  Pretty much, communication is the transmission of messages through various channels and mediums that allow us to determine the establishment of relationships.

What you say and how you say it MATTERS

One of the best things about communication is that there are many ways to do it and hundreds of combinations of ways to execute it ! For any message that you are trying to transmit, there are multiple of ways to project it.  For example, if you do not like the way a food taste you can verbal say " I do not like this food" or you can make a face that shows your disapproval of the taste, or you could even throw the food down onto the floor in an extreme effort of showing disapproval.  Pretty much, we have power over what we say and how it could possibly be interpreted, and this power is enhanced with our ability to understand this concept.

Nice guys finish first actually....

I've learned from my time of living on this earth (Yep, all 21 of them) that being nice gets you further in life. And I can personally testify to this, based off of my job.  See, I am a part time waitress and my daily tips vary based off different variables, but one main factor is my attitude. When I am in my normal bubbly and outgoing Christini I usually get better tips ( and business cards) and accumulate regulars. On my "Don't Drake & Drive" playlist days ( that means when I am "in my feelings" ) I usually don't get as well as tips ( or on occasion I get more tips lol) and it aids in my negative mindset. The service that I give is the exact same, but my body language and the way that I take the order or introduce myself is different. Body language and verbal language are both components to consider within communication, because it is two different ways that you can communicate.

Just as if you were to ask someone for something.  If you say "May I please have _____" with a smile on your face, you are more likely to get it over someone who states "give me that" with a serious expression.  Two forms of communication, one message.  Being conscious of the communicative decisions that you are making allows you to maximize your potential of benefiting from the interaction.  Like you literally have a much bette chance at succeeding in ANYTHING that you want to do if you become aware of how to communicate what you want to address.  

And on that note I say......... Onward to my studies.
(Note: I'd like for my blog to become a venue where I can both entertain and inform you.  Better yet, my blog is a venue where I can both entertain and inform you ! )

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