9:15 AM

Vintage dress: Goodwill, Calvin Klein Brand
Kimono: A'gaci
Shoes: Macys, RocketDog Brand

HAPPY EASTER loves ! Today is in celebration of the day that Jesus rose from the day after dying for our sins.  Rather you are going to church, going to the beach, or going to work (like me), don't forget to be thankful for all that others have done for you.

Note: I love spring, by far my favorite season in the year.  Being able to combine colors and patterns and finally being able to ditch those boots is the greatest feeling, ever. I literally bought this yellow Calvin Klein dress a month ago and it was too tight. 4 weeks and a negative 7 pounds later, im in the dress! Can anyone say #GAINS??? I'll be showing some more gains, just sit tight until the Summer. A girl has 3 weeks until graduation from college, so the gains have to temporarily wait, lol! 

Buenos Dias!

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