Vintage Babe + Realistic Expectations

2:28 PM

I thrifted this entire outfit except the socks and shoes. #Winning

Whats up my loves! So its week 2 of 10 for me in my Mind and Body Detox challenge that I created and I can't lie, i've been CHEATING like no other. Luckily i've been workout out heavily too so everything is balanced out but i'm definitely going to put in a stronger effort for the remainder of the weeks. No pain no game baby!

So I want to chat with y'all about realistic expectations when dating someone, because we all know how that goes right? Nope. So background story goes like this: I was dating this guy on and off for about 3 months but I had to break it off because of......"conflict of interest", or pretty much he couldn't meet my expectations of what a man is supposed to do or be. Pretty much he wanted the coco but didn't want to put in any real effort to earn the coco ( because its not given out boo) . He even told me that my expectations of him are "unrealistic" ( como?) His definition of effort was "lets go see a matinee movie(SHADE)" or "lets get a bottle of wine and watch Anime". Now I love me some wine and anime, but is that enough to entice me to give up some goods? Absolutely not. Especially for a woman like me, who is pretty much used to getting any and everything someway, somehow. Now here is where the expectations come in:

I expect guys to take me on dates, open car doors, open doors for me, and buy me things (they don't even have to be expensive). I expect for my man to call and text me and to respect me and my time.Why? Because I know my self worth and a partnership is supposed to be beneficial to both parties. Beneficial is not be confused with convenient, because lord knows relationships can be inconvenient at times (but if they are meaningful we are willing to make it work). Those expectations to me are realistic and not hard to fulfill. Now if I was walking around asking every guys to pay my bills or to call me everyday at exactly 3:45 PM then I can see the term unrealistic being used. But there are just certain things that a guy is supposed to do for his woman, point blank period.  Having realistic expectations really is vital because it will help ensure that you get what you need mentally, spiritually, and physically from your partner (not saying that it will definitely make it happen, but it helps).

Now if the above expectations are realistic somebody tell a sista, I'm just trying to live a little. But I don't think they are , and if you do then reconsider how you feel you should be treated as a person.

Oh, and ladies keep the coco to yourself and make him work for it, its a great feeling.

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