The RE-Motivation

3:40 PM

So I'm sitting with the homie Tim Tarantino in the courtyard of the Downtown Library brain dumping (discussing ideas) and we're just chatting about collaborations, goals, etc. He's big into the whole Youtube genre but I am more of a blogger girl ( I love yall thats why) but he brought up a damn good point to me. He's like "Tini, you're a creative, why do you work a 9-5?" I'm like Tini has an expensive lifestyle and Tini don't have time to be broke nah meen?  But then he brings up another valid point, which is further reinforced by what my mentor Alessandra Gold told me "You're tall with this big hair and even bigger personality and you're funny. You need to record yourself being yourself and you'll be big" So in my head i'm like " I strongly despise 9-5s, I am pretty funny if I can say so myself, and I'm passionate. So why not?" He's like "you can make some really good money on Youtube like this one guy started his channel a year ago and makes 77k a year" I'm like wow that definitely sounds like a stretch but hey if its true kudos to him. Its not even about the money to me (not completely) but just doing what I love: Talking, having fun, inspiring others, being myself, taking pictures, and being completely random.

But here's the thing

Get off from work, goes the gym, cooks dinner, and at that point i'm tired or its time to go to sleep so I don't wake up tired. Monday-Friday. Every Monday-Friday. 52 weeks of the same ol thing. It makes me nauseous even typing it ugh lol. Where's the time to vlog? It hard to do so working a 9-5 truthfully although people do it all the time.

 Guess what Christini is doing for herself? Making excuses!

So guess what yall? Starting September 2nd ( My 23rd birthday YASSSS) i'm recording a video every day. Thats right 365 videos in my jordan year. Some videos of just me, some videos with other people. Some videos random, some videos with a specific topic, some funny, some inspirational, some intellectual.  Just 365 days of me. Lord knows its gonna be so many days I do not feel like making a video (especially during that time of the month) but i'm gonna make it happen. Yall hold me to it. Also I need to increase my comments and my followers because right now its SUPER WEAKKKKK .

But yeah i've shared this with yall because when I look back at this post a year from now (Which I will because I look back at ALL of my old posts) I want to reflect like "Hey i said I was going to do this and I did it and these were the results" . I said I was going to do it and I did it ! Thats the ultimate feeling that I want to get . Also because I want to motivate some of yall, we all need a little motivation in our lives.

Oh, and in my videos I will 40% be fleeky and 60% natural but remember i'm 100% fabulous all of the time, makeup or no makeup babes.

See yall on the flip side !

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