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"So Much To Do, So Little Time...."

So being a blogger means that anything there's always something to do, and convenience is everything to maintaining some sanity. So i've compiled a list of my three go-to apps for blogging, social media management, and content production.  By no means am I saying that these three apps are superior to any others that may offer similar services, they are just my go-to apps. Feel free to drop some of your favorite apps in the comments, let me in on some of your secrets !


SelfMade is a social media branding company that specializes in establishing aesthetically appealing photo edits in alignment with your personal branding spread. They have three different packages that you can choose from dependent upon your preference, and packages range from $49.99/month - $149.99/month (the package that I chose is $100/month).  In order to access the service, you must sign up for the waiting list on and wait to be contacted by a Creative Agent.

Now the app itself is very user friendly and easy to use. Once you sign up for the service, you’ll have access to the app’s photo portal where you can upload edits and see finished photos that are ready to be downloaded and used. Once you submit a photo to be edited you can include comments on how you want the photo to be edited. The app lets you sort through submitted pictures, finished pictures, and pictures that you liked.

-Offers photo editing services with a 24 hour turnaround time
-Personalized branding campaigns with creative agents available by phone or email
-Engages target audience by liking and commenting on relevant content on your behalf
-Measures your progress and provides a monthly synopsis of engagement and statistics

-Apple Store exclusive (not available on Android applications)
-Waiting list time can be a bit lengthy unless you purchase the $149/month package


PicCollage is one of all-time favorite apps, just because of the amount of features that are available for free. PicCollage can be used to create quick promotional logos, place watermarks over photos, editing pictures, and creating picture collages. With a lot of different fonts, backgrounds, borders, and colors to choose from, PicCollage makes creating content on the go much simpler. This proves useful in the PR world where photos are used to promote stories, create pitches, or promote blog posts or self-promotional materials. It is very easy to use on both my Ipod and on my Galaxy s7, just make sure you download the correct PicCollage because there are a lot of versions of the same concept available online.

-Its Free

-Its Available on Android and Apple
-Easy to use

-Free version has a PicCollage water mark at the bottom of all pictures
-Ads on free version


Hootsuite is a social media management and scheduling app that allows you to post content to a variety of different social media networks such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Linkedin, and more. By choosing to either post in real time or schedule content to post in the future, Hootsuite on Ipod is very user-friendly and allows you to sort through content options per each social media page attached. Users can also search through hundreds of features including keyword search optimization, social media analytics, and connect with many other services on the website One of my favorite features is publisher, which is the tab that allows you to schedule content.

-App that allows you to schedule content for all major social media websites
-Website has a lot of features that can be useful for social media management
-Free to join

-Have to pay monthly in order to link more than one social media account
-Can’t utilize all of the features on the app; must go under browser to access certain features

My “wish list “ app

If I were somehow granted the ability to create a super PR content creation machine, it would definitely have a few components. The first component would be content sharing at ease, very similar to HootSuite in being able to schedule and post content. I would add a wider range of sharing capabilities with the ability to share ads across different platforms with hashtags and target audience specified keywords in each. The second component would be photo editing or the ability to purchase photo editing all through the app. The photo editing would include different fonts, backgrounds, logos, vectors, textures, and more to enable users to create appealing photos at their fingertips. The third component would be a social media component where users can share their work with other users and post classifieds for specific tasks or assignments they need fulfilled, either near them or virtually. I'd want my app to be a one stop shop for content creation to enable success and comfort. Convenience is totally in.

Be easy everyone

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  1. I love PicCollage too! It's one of my all time favorites😘