St. Augustine Fashion Week: Season 3 Coverage

7:38 PM

St. Augustine Fashion Week: Season 3 was held March 22nd-24th at the Lightner Museum is St. Augustine, Florida. This 3-night event kicked off with a VIP Mixer/meet-and-greet, followed by two nights of over 20 brand designers in a high-energy runway showcase.  Vip seating came with complimentary cocktails (and ya'll know how I like my cocktails complimentary)  and there were plenty of vendors to shop during intermission. 

Now this show had some amazing looks and I enjoyed watching all of the unique pieces come down the runway.  Below are some of my favorite looks:

Now my favorite designer of the night goes to....Souadou Barry, designer of Fulani Handbags. When I say she had some dope designs and I could tell that they were very high quality and made with love. She had a duffle bag on the runway and I just about passed out (i'm OBSESSED with duffle bags if you didn't know lol)

Below are some pics of Fulani Handbags.

This full-sized selfie mirror was definitely one of my favorite concepts. So cool! 

So yes I went, I took pictures, I networked, I danced a little, and I enjoyed myself. So there aren't any official dates for St. Augustine Fashion Week: Season 4, but by following their trend it should be sometime in the fall. I'll definitely be there, whenever it is !

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