Thriftin W/ Tini: DIY Rose Gold Wood Bar Stools

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So while thrifting a few days back I found two wood barstools for $5.99 each ! I've been looking for thrifted barstools that were good quality for a while, so when I found them I was ecstatic ! So being the rose gold queen that I am, I immediately thought of spray painting them rose gold. My co-worker Dae gave me some good tips on how to make sure it looks perfect without chipping in a few, so I went to WalMart and immediately sprung into action!

This is is how they looked when I purchased them. Not bad huh? I loved the rustic, real wood feel of them and most importantly, they were super sturdy ! No squeak, no rocking, pretty much perfect stools. 

The tools

So everything I literally got at Walmart. 
-Rust-oleum metallic finish spray paint in 314417 Bright Coat Copper
-Gator Sandpaper, pack of 5
Elmers wood filler
-Pack of disposable gloves
-Windex or any glass cleaner
-Paper towels
(Note: I was going to use the wood filler but I changed my mind. The wood filler is used to seal any holes in wood)
The process

Step one: Put on the gloves. I know that sounds kinda obvious but my first time around I started sanding without gloves on and scratched my newly painted gel manicure. Luckily its gel so I buffed it out, but who wants to mess up their nails? Not this girl !

Step two: Using the sandpaper, split each sheet into 4 pieces. You will end up with 20 pieces of sandpaper to use, and I used 10 pieces per stool. 

Step three: Place the newspaper down so that the barstools won't be extremely close, but also so that you have space for flyaway spray paint. I personally spray painted this on my balcony so that I wouldn't have to worry about outside elements messing up my beautiful masterpiece (Leaves, bugs, children playing, cats, etc.)

Step four: Sand the seat of the barstools in a circular motion in 30 second intervals. Don't forget to sand the rim of the seat as well to ensure you get a nice smooth surface

Step five:  Flip the stools over so that that the seat is on the ground and position them with space between them so that you can walk between them comfortably. Sand the bottom of the seat in the same manner you sanded the top of the seat.

Step six: Using a fresh piece of sandpaper, begin on 4 legs of the stools. Wrap the sandpaper around the column and sand going up and down for 20 strokes each. Make sure you place your arm inside the stool and the insides of the column.

Step seven: Sand the small rows of the stool by wrapping the sandpaper around the row and moving left and right in 20 second intervals with your hand covering the entire perimeter of the row.

Step eight: Using whatever paper you have left, go in and re-sand your stools. Use literally every piece that you have left. The more sanded your barstools, the better your spray paint will set.

Step nine: Spray windex on your napkins and wipe down the stool to remove all excess residue and to ensure that you have a nice, clean stool. You don't have to make sure its spotless, but you don't want any residue left on it because it will show up on your finished product if you do.

Step ten: It's spray painting time baby! Flip your stools back over onto their legs so that you are looking at the top of the seat. Shake the bottle and begin spraying in circular motions the top and sides of the seat. Do NOT spray the bottom of the seat yet, because you will need that to lift the seat so you can turn it if necessary.

Step eleven: Spray the legs of the stools and the prongs of the stool in the same circular motion. Don't forget, you will need to put your arm inside the stool to get the insides of the stool well. Make sure you have good lighting and turn the stool as needed to make sure that you are getting every piece.

Step twelve: Spray the bottom of the seat by turning the can and spraying upward. Make sure you shake well before you do this or it won't come out even.

Step thirteen: Use any remaining spray paint to fill any open spots and to make sure that you didn't miss any parts. Once you fill the ball at the bottom of the can stop painting, it will make it come out inconsistently.

You're all done ! Luckily its a quick dry spray paint, so it literally takes like 3 hours to fully dry. Test it with the tip of your finger to make sure it's dry, and when it's completely dry wipe it down with water on wipes.

The product

Ta-da ! Brand new bar stools ! I'm thoroughly going to enjoy recording new Youtube videos on these babies ! Be on the lookout :)

I also encourage y'all to try out different colors! Drop comments or pictures of your finished below !

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