If you love your car, ensure it with the best auto coverages

7:59 PM

If you can afford to spend money on better auto insurance coverages, please for your future sanity do so. I can’t count how many times my clients have gotten into auto accidents, whether at-fault or not at-fault, have had either sky-high deductibles or no coverage at all to protect themselves.  From rear-ends at a red light totaling 800 dollars, to seeing your parked car dinged up in a Walmart parking lot with no witnesses or suspects in sight, it's not an easy sight. The “i’m a safe driver, I never get into accidents” argument may be valid, but remember: You’re driving for both yourself and the drivers around you. Just because you’re a safe driver doesn’t mean everyone is, and auto accidents also occur when you aren’t even in your car. Don’t neglect your car, respect your car. Keep it insured.

My rule of thumb? Your COLLISION/Uninsured Motorist deductibles should be equivalent to at least HALF of your bi-weekly income. Especially when you have a newer vehicle. Nothing will grind your gears seeing your brand new car with a messed up front bumper from being rear-ended,  to then find find out that you’ll have to pay out of pocket for the damage because it falls under your $1000 deductible. Way to ruin your day, right? Sure, switching from a $1000 deductible to a $500 deductible may cost you anywhere between $40-$75 extra a month, it’ll save you from having to dish out extra, unfactored money in the case of an accident. You may say “ I have a lot of bills, I can’t afford to pay more than i’m paying now”, and that may be the case, but remember that exact same logic for if you get into an accident: YOU have bills to pay and can’t afford to pay $1000 outright for an accident. It’ll cost you more monthly, but you’ll be thankful for it in the case of an accident.  

Always, always, ALWAYS, have rental coverage. It is literally one of the cheapest optional coverages that you can have, but also one of the most important.  Nothing is worse than getting in an accident that isn’t your fault and not only having to pay for it, but to try to find transportation while it’s getting fixed. Talk about being aggravated. Now if you have a 2nd car at your disposal you’re ok, but in most American homes this isn’t the case. Having rental stops a burden from happening.  When getting your rental always consider your family size, the uses for your vehicle, and comfortability. If you have a 6-family household, consider getting rental coverage of $40 a day or higher ($50 for higher states like NY). Roadside assistance is great as well, but many cell companies offer this coverage as well, so just check to see who will provide you the best price.

If you aren’t sure of which coverages are right for you, consult with an agent who can help you get the best rates. Your car does so much for you on a daily basis, make sure you’re covered.

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